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Email Marketing


Email marketing can give tremendous results like better ROI, promotion is easy, has a longer life while offering customized messages to the target audience. At AdsClique, we ensure that you have the best results from email marketing. As an Email Marketing Service Company in the USA, we offer our clients affordable, modular, and scalable bulk email solutions to establish seamless contacts and further with their existing customers. At AdsClique, we are committed to giving you all these benefits with our email marketing strategies as part of our digital marketing services. We aim to provide you with the best service so that you can reach a wider audience.


We also help you to establish your company as a brand that stands out among the crowd in a positive way with our unique and customized website designing team. We achieve all these by asking four simple questions:

All these questions help us to understand you and your brand better, thus enabling us to create and design a website that is specifically suited for your business.


Email marketing is still one of the most used marketing strategies used by various companies. There are several reasons for that, and here are 5 reasons how email marketing can help a business grow.

Best returns:

ROI is enviable as researchers have shown that email marketing has an ROI between $44 and $76 against each dollar spent. With all other marketing strategies, one needs to pay a significant amount for advertising and marketing. With email marketing, there is very little expense.

Engage with the audience:

In digital marketing, email marketing is the sole medium in which only a consented audience receives the email of a brand, company, or product. This allows businesses to have higher conversion rates by targeting only those who are interested. 

Impulse buying:

Email marketing is an excellent way to generate revenues as it can easily target impulse buying shoppers. It is unique psychology that is used.

Easy to scale:

With email marketing, it is easy to mount as most email marketing software allows going through conversion rates, track, and click-through. Also, it is easy to change a campaign midway.

Better reach:

It is true with social media, you can reach anyone almost in real-time, but you do not know whether they will see it immediately or will get lost in the newsfeed abyss. With email, the chances of your message getting lost are almost nil.


AdsClique offers email marketing services that are comprehensive, yet can cater to all your requirements. We ensure high open click convert rates while helping you build and manage the email lists that do not result in spamming. As a digital marketing company, AdsClique can achieve this by efficiently segmenting the target audience and then creating email messages that are personalized, creative, and interactive.


What is email marketing used for?

There are several email marketing benefits that enable you to deliver important information, increase sales, create a sense of loyalty, and create a community around your brand. Today’s email marketing methods emphasize personalization, segmentation, and consent over a one-size-fits-all approach.

How can email marketing help your business grow?

Unlike PPC or SEO, by using email marketing, you can stay in touch with your customers and inform them about your company at all times. As more people get to know your business, and as more people are told about your business, the greater the likelihood that they will trust it.

How effective are emails for marketing?

According to experts, the best email marketing strategy is 40 times more effective than social media marketing. This same study showed that the buying process occurs 3 times faster than through social media channels. Statistically, email marketing shows significant growth potential.

Does email marketing increase sales?

Email marketing has proved to be one of the most effective methods of increasing revenue, and it is applicable in every industry. By increasing email revenue, businesses can significantly improve their return on investment (ROI). Consumers spend 138% more on average when they receive email offers than when they do not receive emails.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is great for figuring out what emails your audience will like and what timing works best. It’s easy to test everything from the subject line to the email template.

What are the best subject lines for emails?

There are many ways to phrase your subject line in email marketing, and, like with anything else, you’ve got to experiment to see what works best. Among the best practices are:

  • Use language that your audience understands
  • Personalize it
  • Don’t overdo it – keep it short
  • Clearly state your actions

What is the best kind of subject line?

Subject lines should draw attention so much that the recipient opens the email. That’s what they see first. The subject line acts as a gateway to further correspondence.

It should be tailored to the audience, short and specific. There are only 3-4 seconds to get an email opened and make an impact.

By stating a deadline, you can either ask questions or create urgency.

How long should my emails be?

The length of your emails should be the right balance between sufficiently long to convey your message and sufficiently short of ensuring that people do not lose interest or think that you aren’t putting any effort into it. Ideally, you should aim for a sweet spot between 50 and 125 words. You only have 20 seconds to convince someone to read your message, so make sure the most important info and call to action are at the top, where they’ll get the most attention.

What does cold email mean?

Essentially, a cold email is an initial contact you make with a potential client. Cold emails may create similar feelings to cold calls. However, in reality, emails are much less intrusive and unwelcome.

Why are cold emails important?

Cold email is among the most effective outreach methods. As long as you understand how to craft cold emails, cold emails may be highly effective, regardless of doubts. Knowing how they work and what will engage recipients will allow you to generate new customers, increase sales, and achieve your objectives.

What makes AdsClique the best email marketing service provider in Florida?

AdsClique Media is one of the most reputable Email marketing company in Florida that offer excellent email marketing services at an affordable price. We provide the following benefits:

  • An integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Detailed reports on email marketing
  • Dedicated Email Marketing Specialists
  • Tailor-made list segmentation

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