During their rebranding and new product launches, Swag Brands began their SEO journey to reduce their PPC costs and acquisition costs. AdsClique worked with Swag Brands to help them achieve their goal following an experience with a different agency that was not transparent.

The mutual commitment of Swag Brands and AdsClique to empower customers led to a good match. Swag Brands ensured everyone was on the same page regarding our time-proven methodology, SEO best practices, and the metrics that showed their success.

Category : SEO & SMO

Client : Swag Brands

Date : 21st Aug, 2021

Link : www.swagbrands.com


AdsClique Media was provided with clear goals by the Ads' clique team; they were to:


To reach a larger market, Swag Brands had to improve its website’s search engine ranking. The company faced challenges such as:

Sitemaps were not uploaded to the site.

Google’s update made it difficult to optimize the website per EAT guidelines.

There were no Robots.txt files on the site..

Good content with accurate information wasn’t available

The search engines were unable to access dynamic pages

Lack of keywords led to a failed SEM campaign

A high bounce rate was observed on the site.

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AdsClique researchers research marketing and printing supplies with the client to compile a list of keywords. These keywords were then added to the HTML code of the Swag brands website.



Paid search campaigns and SEO tactics performed by the AdsClique team yielded great results for Swag Brands.