Power Rite Electric Inc. | Illuminating Success in Lanai Lighting Lead Generation

The Challenge

To create a targeted Facebook campaign that would amplify reach and drive meaningful conversions.

Our journey with the Lanai Lighting campaign presented several notable challenges. Firstly, the intricacies of the lighting industry posed a unique hurdle, demanding a nuanced approach to effectively communicate the product’s value. Additionally, navigating the competitive landscape required strategic differentiation to ensure our client stood out amidst similar offerings. The dynamic nature of Facebook’s advertising platform presented challenges in optimizing targeting parameters and ad performance. Furthermore, balancing the budget allocation within the constraints of $14,262.59 while striving for maximum impact added an additional layer of complexity. Overcoming these challenges demanded a combination of industry expertise, innovative strategies, and real-time adjustments to ensure the campaign’s success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.


What we achieved

Launching the Meta Conversions API for our client resulted in immediate revenue & ROAS gains.


Leads Generated



Return on Ad Spend Optimization

Our Approach

Our approach to the Lanai Lighting campaign involved strategic precision to overcome challenges and deliver impactful results. We started by understanding the lighting industry intricacies, crafting tailored messaging for effective communication. To stand out in a competitive landscape, we strategically positioned Lanai Lighting, leveraging Facebook’s dynamic platform for optimized targeting and ad performance. Emphasizing the product’s visual appeal, we curated compelling imagery within a budget of $14,262.59, ensuring maximum impact. Our conversion-driven tactics and collaborative client approach led to tangible outcomes, amplifying lead generation and establishing a strong online presence for Lanai Lighting.

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